The Dl380 gen 9 2U rack mount has HPE ProLiant which is a popular 2U rack-mounted server that facilitates speedy deployment and streamlining of tasks. With this management tool, you can track and monitor the server’s health and manage the activities remotely from anywhere. It helps you to focus more on business productivity instead of system maintenance and data center tasks.

  • DDR4 SDRAM memory technology effectively enables data to be moved at various points in a CPU clock cycle to allow maximum productivity
  • 24 Core processor can efficiently handles data to ensure quicker transfer of information with maximum usability
  • 1 processors supported for optimal performance and maximum reliability
  • Gen 9 server generation deliver extraordinary performance upgrades for enhanced productivity and stunning entertainment
  • 32 GB powerful memory for any computational task.
  • 1.2TB HDD: This indicates the storage capacity of the hard disk drive (HDD)

It’s important to note that server configurations can be customized based on the buyer’s requirements, and different configurations may exist for the same model.

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