D-Link 3G/4G LTE Wi-Fi Router – DWR 116 Maximum Portability

D-Link 3G/4G LTE Wi-Fi Router – DWR 116 allows users to access and share mobile broadband worldwide. Simply insert a compatible 4G LTE/HSPA+/HSUPA/HSDPA/UMTS USB adaptor and share your Internet connection through a secure, high-speed wireless network. Enjoy increased speed and range over traditional 802.11b/g standards with the latest Wireless N 300 technology.

Reliable, Uninterrupted Internet Connection

A 10/100 Ethernet WAN port allows you to attach a DSL/Cable modem as the primary or backup link, while auto-failover ensures an uninterrupted connection by automatically connecting to your 4G LTE/3G network whenever the WAN link is lost. The built-in QoS management feature also prioritizes traffic to ensure that the most important data receives optimum bandwidth.

Incredible Wireless Speeds

The DWR-116 supports the latest, high-speed 4G LTE mobile broadband technology, allowing you to achieve blazing-fast mobile broadband speeds. In addition to this, the 4G LTE Wi-Fi Router’s N 300 technology means that you can connect wireless clients to the router at up to 300 Mbps, with the enhanced range and reliability of the 802.11N wireless standard.

Advanced Network Security

The DWR-116 ensures a secure Wi-Fi network through the use of WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption. Simply press the WPS button to quickly establish a secure connection to new devices. The DWR-116 also utilizes dual-active firewalls (SPI and NAT) to prevent potential attacks and intrusions from across the Internet.

High-Speed Mobile Broadband Supports the latest 4G LTE connection technology for super-fast mobile broadband Supports 4G LTE/EV-DO/CDMA/HSPA+/HSUPA/ HSDPA/UMTS wireless networks for international compatibility Share a mobile broadband connection at speeds of up to 300 Mbps Increased speed, range, and reliability with the 802.11n wireless standard
Wireless Anywhere Create a wireless internet connection by simply plugging in a mobile broadband adapter Can be installed almost anywhere for true mobile wireless networking
Failover for Reliable Internet Supports WAN failover for an uninterrupted internet connection if your wired link fails Use 4G as your primary internet connection with wired WAN internet for redundancy, or have 4G as a backup for your wired connection
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